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This blog is solely dedicated to my memorable experiences while at Takt. I have no intention of moving the blog elsewhere not even in the nearest future. Nevertheless, for further info about my other residences, please go to,

Many thanks.


More updArtist's denates on other residences will be posted henceforth on this blog. I realised it’s better to keep track of events with this blog.

I have other residences coming up and with all the loads of activities going on for me; I have to keep updates on them.

I bet you will learn so much from this blog. Who knows, you might end up being a writer out of it.

Have fun!

Princess Ayelotan




There were many tasks waiting for me in France. It was as if I left home a year ago.  Among them were lots and lots of letters; well, I was glad none of them contained bills to pay.

Oops! I hate bills!

Glad to be back home, really. The weather is beautiful here! Sun shines daily and you need to observe the great smiles on people’s faces. In winter, people hardly smile while on the road or wherever. The cold winter is not pleasant for us but it is the opposite in summer. I believe, unlike last year summer that this year’s is going to be the brightest!

Now, my family & I are thinking of maximising the best weather to our profit. I thought of sitting at home and writing my head out but they are all thinking of vacation.

Anyway, it’s a good thing that none of us love vacationing at the beach. And an added advantage for me as my dermatologist gave me the strict rule; ‘avoid the sun’

So who is the winner? I guess it’s me! 🙂

I will give you the latest gist soon.


Wow! The residency is over!

For the past few days, we were all busy trying to round up our projects. Elise succeeded with her big yellow duck and she was so sad to let it go.

Devin finished her paintings just the way she wants. Colin and Karoline were able to produce their music;

And so were the others. Linda used her free time to visit the galleries; she fell in love with galleries dearly that she did not mind visiting to two to three galleries in a day.

I am happy with my writing. It gives me the pleasure knowing that my residency on Berlin is not in vain. I feel so happy right now.

Yesterday was the Open Day; everybody showed their works. You can see their works in the pictures. We had lots of guests, almost at every interval despite the heavy rainfall.

I was lucky that Linda and Elise agreed to read my writing. And they did. They read so beautifully! I appreciate them.

This is not the end of my update about my residency as I still have lots of information and pictures to share with you.

I need to go prepare for my journey back home right now, or else I will miss my flight.

Stay tune!


Happy Celebration to children all over the world!

Wow! I can’t believe the residency is almost over. Three more days and everybody will say good bye. Of course, we will be in touch.

I want to share these pictures with you. You remember, Elise? Yes, it was her installation project, which she started from the first week of May. It’s titled; BIG YELLOW DUCK. For more information about this creative project, visit her blog;


 You know I love creative works so believe me, I love Elise duck project. On Monday the 25th, she took it out to the park situated on the same street at the residence for exhibition and people’s reactions.

Well, the good thing is that children got hold of the huge yellow duck, thinking it had the solid back of a horse, dashed for it, mounted it and got it squeezed up.

Elise loved it that way because she created the duck in the first place to know what people’s reaction will be.

Tonight, the duck is gone and destroyed but one important thing is that Elise got her point, I mean; the purpose for which she created the duck was not defeated.

I wish you more successes, Elise.

As for me, it’s been writing, writing, and writing. I am homesick, believe me.

See ya.

The last two days went so fast and rewarding. Guess what? I was able to finish my script!

I took the time out yesterday and went to send the box home at the Post office at Alexanderplatz. From there I went to the press shop and bought some UK magazine. My tutor insists that I must get used to UK materials for my studies. I wish I can go against his instruction.

I hope you haven’t forgotten I mentioned previously my rendezvous with Ellinor today. Yeah, Linda and I met her this afternoon at Peter Herrmann Gallery at Bernauer Strasse. We met Peter and went through his gallery.

  Our next stop was at 401 Contemporary, a gallery.  There Sean Scully and Jannis Kounellis are on exhibition titled; MARKIERRUNGEN. Another impressing artist, Michael Just is also on exhibition with the title; UNDERGROUND.

I love their works. We stayed longer than we planned, admiring them.  Ellinor wanted to go to the art store. Linda was glad. I admire the art materials anyway so I went with them.  We ended up in a big art store called Boesner. Both of them got what they wanted.

We agreed to have a break and that took us to a nice bar where we ordered some drinks. We spent the best of time, discussing.

I was very grateful when Ellinor said she will drop us off at Alexanderplatz. We parted with Linda and I going first to the bank before we started the petty shopping.

We returned to the residency feeling exhausted but fulfilling.

I spent the entire week busy writing. I invite you to join me in this task because I’m looking for someone who I can delegate part of the chapters to write for me.

Sorry, no payment though.

Ellinor, a friend and co-artist mailed me during the week. We were together at the Sanskriti Pratishthan Kendra Foundation in March 2009. She resides in Berlin and it would have been best if I had mailed her that I will be in Berlin throughout this month.


MyselfLinda made me giggle

LindaEllinor's home office 2


Indonesia imageEllinor is at her best





I thought otherwise and let it go but Devena; my darling friend in Ned Delhi was smarter than I. She wrote Ellinor, informing her that I’m in Berlin

What a shame on me. Well, I knew I must put things in order, so I mailed Ellinor. She was happy and invited me to her flat.

Since Linda is part of my present residency at Takt, I asked her to join me. At 9:45 am yesterday, we set out. We lost our way a little bit but eventually we got to the building.

Going into SaturnEllinor at home



I love Ellinor’s flat the moment I set my eyes on it. I didn’t know that Linda was impressed as well until she openly stated that to Ellinor and I.

We stayed together; we had some teas and biscuits. We talked about our projects and lots of tid-bits.

Ellinor and meArtists @ map reading








We went to her open exhibition in the city. Then we went for lunch, choosing an Indian restaurant. It’s so nice to have the same taste of Delhi food.

We parted with Ellinor after we have scheduled another meeting for next week.

We went to Alexanderplatz. Linda bought some socks. I went to get the tape; KungFu Panda for Devin.

I bought my Vodafone recharge card. Then we headed home. On our way, we stopped by Kaiser’s store and bought some groceries.

It turned out to be a fulfilling day, right?

Everything is cool these days; we have been busy with our projects.

Hope to have some news tomorrow.

See ya!

Every artist at the residence is very busy since the beginning of the week. We eat together though one or two of us were not indoors.

Elise started pasting her installation on the wall along the corridor in preparation for the Open Day on the 31st May. She said it will take her several days and the earlier she starts the better.

Devin andTaken while l was on Emirate Enrique went to the arts shop for their materials. Jennifer decided to stay in her studio since yesterday. As usual, she would have gone out with her outside friends.

Taken on Emirate


    Shot while on EmirateWhile on Emirate







Linda is recuperating and faster than I thought. Her broken foot is healed. She walks around comfortably without the crutches.

Clarisa? Uhm, her door is closer to mine but the last time I saw on Saturday. Poor child! She’s got lots of friends in Berlin. Believe me; keeping up with your friends can be a hard task!

I think I’m missing out discussing about Caroline and Colin, the gentle couple. They are fine but they hardly get closer to us together at night. They seem to be locked up in the world of theirs.  Caroline has her uncle who lives here in Berlin. Maybe she and Colin love spending their times with the man.

And Matthieu; that naughty guy! Guess what he did today? He ran after me trying to take my picture for his blog. Horrible! I fled! I was out on my way to the restroom and all of a sudden, Matthieu appeared from his room, holding a camera.

He said something but it took a while for me to grab what he meant. It was when I saw him lifted up the camera to his face and in my direction that I got the message. You need to see me running for cover. The rest of the artists burst into laughter, enjoying the chase.

As for me, I have been seriously busy. I haven’t been outside the building since last week Friday when I went to the post office.  And I’m glad because I have been able to write so much of my work and also my UK corresponding course assignments.

Really, the residence has been wholly a big help to me.

See you tomorrow!

I couldn’t work throughout yesterday as I was down with sight problem. My head got heavy and hurt. I barely see a thing. I knew I have to take it easy.

I went back to bed and spent the entire day sleeping. The more I slept, the more it became obvious to me that I’m really sick. All my bones went numbed.

I managed to fix myself something to eat before returning to bed. My co-artists kept knocking on my door, wanting to check if I’m okay.

I didn’t open the door. It became too difficult for me getting of the bed during those periods that they came. I saw them later when I went to the restroom.

Let me give you the pictures I shot when I went to some places in Berlin. I guess these might do for now.

Today, I got up earlier than I thought. I began to work on my script. The speed at which I work even amazed me. I was happy when I finally accomplished the target I intended.

It’s Mothers’ Day, imagine and I’m at work without my family close by.

Well, it’s been a great day, despite!