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Everybody is cool here. The other artists are inspiring. I wonder how better life can be without these people.

Know what? I forgot to get my BLACK UP kits while in Paris. A day prior to my arrival in Berlin, I was flying from Paris to Ajaccio without giving it a thought to dash to any Sephora stores.  Well, I’m not sure if there is any in Ajaccio. I returned to Paris very late at night.

The next morning, I can do nothing since its May 1st and all the grand stores were closed. I got to the airport feeling dejected.  Somehow, I consoled myself thinking that definitely there must be a Sephora store in Berlin.

I can’t imagine what will happen if I can’t get hold of my BLACK UP kits! Once you are fond of a particular cosmetic brand, its one hell of a job trying to break free from it.

No more Labour day anymore; the stores are back to life. I dressed up; armed with the transport map and got out of the residence. Devin saw me and asked if she can go with me. I was happy to hear that, at least if we are lost, it won’t be me alone.


Well, no Sephora in sight, not even at Friedrichstrasse where all the grand stores are situated. Luckily, I jumped with joy when I found Galeries Lafayette thinking I will find BLACK UP stands in there.

The bad news or maybe in the coming week will turn out to be good news is that I discovered BECCA today. This is another make up for the black people. I haven’t tried it before but the ladies at the stands assured me of its good quality.

Believe me; I will surely come back for their heads if the product fails me!


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