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Everybody was out yesterday. It was sunny in the morning until the evening when we got back and the weather changed. Well, it rained all night.

Let me try to introduce the other artists:

1)      Elise Blue  – Installation Artist – USA

2)     Enrique Philip – Painting Artist – UK

3)     Linda Armstrong – Sculptor & Photographer – USA

4)     Clarisa Grabowiecki – Painting Artist – Argentina

5)     Karoline Hausted – Music Artist – Denmark

6)     Matthieu Séry – Painting Artist – France

7)     Colin Lipe – Music Artist – USA

8)    Devin Sioma – Painting Artist – USA

9)     Jennifer Wong – Combined Visual Artist – USA

10)  Then me –Writer – France

I love them all; they are cool-headed and full of ambitious that makes it all clear that they are not here just for fun. When you look at Devin, she was such a lovely young woman with lots of potentials to offer as an artist.

This morning, I got up early as usual before others. I began my writing. Saw Elise this morning. Devin was still stuck on her bed. Enrique was out this morning for a gallery in town. As for the others, I can’t talk for them.

At 15:00, the formal introduction for everyone started. We walked from one artist’s studio to the next one while we waited patiently for each artist to explain why he or she is here and also show us the past or current projects. I wanted to go for my printer ink but I just could not let others alone. This is a residence and I believe we all are in it together.

I have nothing to must to tell them except to discuss briefly about my present writing and of course to show them my published books.


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