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The weather was not promising this morning. I had the feeling not to go out but then I thought of my printing papers and the cartridges. By 12:38, I was out of the residence, going in direction of Alexanderplatz. That is one of the best places in Berlin that I love to so much.

I haven’t been there since I arrived in Berlin so you can imagine the kind of excitement that was within me when I took the U-Bahn at Frankfurter Toi to the place.

A man checking out the meal at FISH & CHIP, AlexanderplatzTicket Stand at AlexanderplatzFrankfurter Toi U-BahnView of the Trams from inside FISH & CHIPS, Alexanderplatz

Somehow, I was convinced before I left the residence that I will get all that I want there and that’s what happened. I came out of the underground station and came face-to-face with Saturn store. I must confess that I lost the image of Alexanderplatz many years ago.

It has developed beyond recognition; what hasn’t be removed and I still recall is the C&A store right opposite the KFC eatery.

I purchased the stuffs from Saturn and went off to the Post office to get the big envelope.

I ended up inside FISH & CHIP restaurant by the Tram rail when I couldn’t bear the hunger anymore.  Images of the tram rails are in this report.


AlexanderplatzA posted paint at the Frankfurter Toi U-Bahn

From there, I returned home and gladly printed all the awaiting documents and scripts.

The rest of the artists had a long night yesterday. Some of them were still locked up in their respective rooms when I came in. I saw them all later in the evening except Matthieu. I wonder where he is.


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