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 Matthieu search notice for his key, right on his door. Interesting!

It rained throughout the night I guess because I woke up to see the street wet. It continues to rain, with dark cloud, such that can make you decide not to go to work that day.

I am sure I’m one of the lucky ones working by their bedsides. 

I set all my thoughts on completing the characters descriptions this morning. In between, I couldn’t help networking. It’s much fun, you know.

Maybe I’m getting lazy. The weather here is not encouraging at the moment. Do you know, I took more than six cups of tea today?

Pray that I won’t pee on my bed tonight!

The artists; nearly all of them stayed in.  The cold mixed with the rain forced them all indoors.

Too bad, Matthieu lost his bunch of keys. I spared him mine this morning, which he used to get out of the building when he went to Kaisers.

He pasted the search notice on his door. Poor Matthieu! Maybe Jenny knows. Maybe!

I’m thinking of going to the Laundromat tomorrow.  And that, I knew the weather will determine.


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