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Hi everybody, my apology for not getting this done earlier than now. We had serious technical problem with the internet. I found it difficult uploading a file to my email.

You can imagine the frustration being unable to access the net.

Well, what do I have here?

Two days ago, the foul weather forced me to stay in my studio. To make it worse, the room became too cold for comfort.  I almost blamed myself for leaving my cosy home in France to here. At the same time, I remembered I’m here to work.

Yesterday, I went to the post office at Alexanderplatz. I needed to send some applications.  It took barely couple of minutes and I was done.

I still got some time with me; I went to C&A and bought few stuffs. The sun came on, shining brightly. I began to notice some people bringing out their camera for shots.

I was lucky I had mine. You can see the images I took. They are not much to tell but I’m happy I didn’t leave the plaza without any picture.

When I returned, I picked my dirty clothes, heading for the Laundromat nearby. There I met a lady who helped me translate the words on the machine (Sorry, I forgot to tell you, I knew barely anything about German language).

I sat down at a corner, reading and waiting for my clothes when a young couple came in with a big haversack. The guy was confused with the words as well.

I helped them out. They were interesting to be with. This is how I met Patricio and Cynthie from Argentina. Patricio communicated with me in English. Cynthie had difficulties with it. Her boyfriend translated whatever we discussed to her.

They are on the road, touring Europe in a month; from Brussels, to Paris, to Berlin, then onward to Prague, and so many other countries he mentioned.

I envied them. Maybe I will think of that sometimes but; where will I leave my children?


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