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I couldn’t work throughout yesterday as I was down with sight problem. My head got heavy and hurt. I barely see a thing. I knew I have to take it easy.

I went back to bed and spent the entire day sleeping. The more I slept, the more it became obvious to me that I’m really sick. All my bones went numbed.

I managed to fix myself something to eat before returning to bed. My co-artists kept knocking on my door, wanting to check if I’m okay.

I didn’t open the door. It became too difficult for me getting of the bed during those periods that they came. I saw them later when I went to the restroom.

Let me give you the pictures I shot when I went to some places in Berlin. I guess these might do for now.

Today, I got up earlier than I thought. I began to work on my script. The speed at which I work even amazed me. I was happy when I finally accomplished the target I intended.

It’s Mothers’ Day, imagine and I’m at work without my family close by.

Well, it’s been a great day, despite!


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