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Every artist at the residence is very busy since the beginning of the week. We eat together though one or two of us were not indoors.

Elise started pasting her installation on the wall along the corridor in preparation for the Open Day on the 31st May. She said it will take her several days and the earlier she starts the better.

Devin andTaken while l was on Emirate Enrique went to the arts shop for their materials. Jennifer decided to stay in her studio since yesterday. As usual, she would have gone out with her outside friends.

Taken on Emirate


    Shot while on EmirateWhile on Emirate







Linda is recuperating and faster than I thought. Her broken foot is healed. She walks around comfortably without the crutches.

Clarisa? Uhm, her door is closer to mine but the last time I saw on Saturday. Poor child! She’s got lots of friends in Berlin. Believe me; keeping up with your friends can be a hard task!

I think I’m missing out discussing about Caroline and Colin, the gentle couple. They are fine but they hardly get closer to us together at night. They seem to be locked up in the world of theirs.  Caroline has her uncle who lives here in Berlin. Maybe she and Colin love spending their times with the man.

And Matthieu; that naughty guy! Guess what he did today? He ran after me trying to take my picture for his blog. Horrible! I fled! I was out on my way to the restroom and all of a sudden, Matthieu appeared from his room, holding a camera.

He said something but it took a while for me to grab what he meant. It was when I saw him lifted up the camera to his face and in my direction that I got the message. You need to see me running for cover. The rest of the artists burst into laughter, enjoying the chase.

As for me, I have been seriously busy. I haven’t been outside the building since last week Friday when I went to the post office.  And I’m glad because I have been able to write so much of my work and also my UK corresponding course assignments.

Really, the residence has been wholly a big help to me.

See you tomorrow!


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