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I spent the entire week busy writing. I invite you to join me in this task because I’m looking for someone who I can delegate part of the chapters to write for me.

Sorry, no payment though.

Ellinor, a friend and co-artist mailed me during the week. We were together at the Sanskriti Pratishthan Kendra Foundation in March 2009. She resides in Berlin and it would have been best if I had mailed her that I will be in Berlin throughout this month.


MyselfLinda made me giggle

LindaEllinor's home office 2


Indonesia imageEllinor is at her best





I thought otherwise and let it go but Devena; my darling friend in Ned Delhi was smarter than I. She wrote Ellinor, informing her that I’m in Berlin

What a shame on me. Well, I knew I must put things in order, so I mailed Ellinor. She was happy and invited me to her flat.

Since Linda is part of my present residency at Takt, I asked her to join me. At 9:45 am yesterday, we set out. We lost our way a little bit but eventually we got to the building.

Going into SaturnEllinor at home



I love Ellinor’s flat the moment I set my eyes on it. I didn’t know that Linda was impressed as well until she openly stated that to Ellinor and I.

We stayed together; we had some teas and biscuits. We talked about our projects and lots of tid-bits.

Ellinor and meArtists @ map reading








We went to her open exhibition in the city. Then we went for lunch, choosing an Indian restaurant. It’s so nice to have the same taste of Delhi food.

We parted with Ellinor after we have scheduled another meeting for next week.

We went to Alexanderplatz. Linda bought some socks. I went to get the tape; KungFu Panda for Devin.

I bought my Vodafone recharge card. Then we headed home. On our way, we stopped by Kaiser’s store and bought some groceries.

It turned out to be a fulfilling day, right?


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  1. It sounds like you are having a wonderful time in Berlin and w/ your pictures and comments, I feel like I know your two friends there, as well. I’m anxious to know exactly what you write. Do you have anyone to help in writing the chapters you mentioned. I am volunteering to help you if you haven’t already recruited someone. Just let me know. My personal email is:


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