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The last two days went so fast and rewarding. Guess what? I was able to finish my script!

I took the time out yesterday and went to send the box home at the Post office at Alexanderplatz. From there I went to the press shop and bought some UK magazine. My tutor insists that I must get used to UK materials for my studies. I wish I can go against his instruction.

I hope you haven’t forgotten I mentioned previously my rendezvous with Ellinor today. Yeah, Linda and I met her this afternoon at Peter Herrmann Gallery at Bernauer Strasse. We met Peter and went through his gallery.

  Our next stop was at 401 Contemporary, a gallery.  There Sean Scully and Jannis Kounellis are on exhibition titled; MARKIERRUNGEN. Another impressing artist, Michael Just is also on exhibition with the title; UNDERGROUND.

I love their works. We stayed longer than we planned, admiring them.  Ellinor wanted to go to the art store. Linda was glad. I admire the art materials anyway so I went with them.  We ended up in a big art store called Boesner. Both of them got what they wanted.

We agreed to have a break and that took us to a nice bar where we ordered some drinks. We spent the best of time, discussing.

I was very grateful when Ellinor said she will drop us off at Alexanderplatz. We parted with Linda and I going first to the bank before we started the petty shopping.

We returned to the residency feeling exhausted but fulfilling.


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