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Happy Celebration to children all over the world!

Wow! I can’t believe the residency is almost over. Three more days and everybody will say good bye. Of course, we will be in touch.

I want to share these pictures with you. You remember, Elise? Yes, it was her installation project, which she started from the first week of May. It’s titled; BIG YELLOW DUCK. For more information about this creative project, visit her blog;


 You know I love creative works so believe me, I love Elise duck project. On Monday the 25th, she took it out to the park situated on the same street at the residence for exhibition and people’s reactions.

Well, the good thing is that children got hold of the huge yellow duck, thinking it had the solid back of a horse, dashed for it, mounted it and got it squeezed up.

Elise loved it that way because she created the duck in the first place to know what people’s reaction will be.

Tonight, the duck is gone and destroyed but one important thing is that Elise got her point, I mean; the purpose for which she created the duck was not defeated.

I wish you more successes, Elise.

As for me, it’s been writing, writing, and writing. I am homesick, believe me.

See ya.


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