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Wow! The residency is over!

For the past few days, we were all busy trying to round up our projects. Elise succeeded with her big yellow duck and she was so sad to let it go.

Devin finished her paintings just the way she wants. Colin and Karoline were able to produce their music;

And so were the others. Linda used her free time to visit the galleries; she fell in love with galleries dearly that she did not mind visiting to two to three galleries in a day.

I am happy with my writing. It gives me the pleasure knowing that my residency on Berlin is not in vain. I feel so happy right now.

Yesterday was the Open Day; everybody showed their works. You can see their works in the pictures. We had lots of guests, almost at every interval despite the heavy rainfall.

I was lucky that Linda and Elise agreed to read my writing. And they did. They read so beautifully! I appreciate them.

This is not the end of my update about my residency as I still have lots of information and pictures to share with you.

I need to go prepare for my journey back home right now, or else I will miss my flight.

Stay tune!



  1. Princess,
    I am interested in applying for a residency at Takt for the upcoming October. I can guess that you had a wonderful experience there? I would appreciate any information about the residency you could share with me. Best of luck.

    • Hi Jon, I’m very, very sorry for replying to your message just now. I have been away on another residency in Greece and since I returned, I’ve been very busy. About….Takt…I can only tell you that you will find it very interesting and pleasant. Check their site;

      I hope you will find it useful. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I bet I will reply almost immediately.

      Thank you.

    • anna-Karin Johansson
    • Posted July 24, 2010 at 6:02 pm
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    hi. i was kind of having the same question as jon. tried to find out on the web site a bit more regarding cost and periods, but couldnt find that info. would be so happy if you could tell me some about that, and also…how did you find your time there?
    have a great summer!

    • Hi Anna, thanks for your message.

      Takt is not expensive and you are going to love it. Just send a quick email to them (you will find the contact info on their website –, and let them know the number of weeks or days you wish to spend at the residence. They will reply you on time.

      Yeah, I had a wonderful time at Takt, l mean such I would never forget.

      Give it a try and I bet you won’t regret it.

      Best wishes,

      Princess Ayelotan

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