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There were many tasks waiting for me in France. It was as if I left home a year ago.  Among them were lots and lots of letters; well, I was glad none of them contained bills to pay.

Oops! I hate bills!

Glad to be back home, really. The weather is beautiful here! Sun shines daily and you need to observe the great smiles on people’s faces. In winter, people hardly smile while on the road or wherever. The cold winter is not pleasant for us but it is the opposite in summer. I believe, unlike last year summer that this year’s is going to be the brightest!

Now, my family & I are thinking of maximising the best weather to our profit. I thought of sitting at home and writing my head out but they are all thinking of vacation.

Anyway, it’s a good thing that none of us love vacationing at the beach. And an added advantage for me as my dermatologist gave me the strict rule; ‘avoid the sun’

So who is the winner? I guess it’s me! 🙂

I will give you the latest gist soon.



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